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Welcome to our website. We are a company at the forefront of the web-based applications production industry We are based in Blackwood, in the beautiful valleys of south Wales, in the UK. The company was founded by Luis Davila and Garry Owen in 2019 meet the team . We are committed to provide very high-quality products and services.

Every idea that we plan to develop, starts with the following considerations (in no strict order):
• Is it innovative? (“really, truly” innovative?).
• If it isn’t new, then is the market big enough to accommodate another quality, better option?
• If other options exist, are they affordable and easily available?
• Is it fun and appealing?
• Does it meet a real need?
• If it’s a “nice to have” does it add value and enhance existing business offerings?
• Can it help our customers differentiate themselves from their competitors?
• Can it be developed cost-effectively and, more importantly, can it be offered at a low price accessible to everybody, everywhere?

Ultimately, whatever we decide to do with every new idea it must be in line with:

Our Vision

To become one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions by supplying systems that help make the world a cleaner, safer, more efficient, more fun and more sociable place for all.

Our Mission and Challenge

To supply industry-leading systems that are affordable and effective. Systems that are within reach of all businesses and individuals, everywhere.

GOLD Software Solutions - making life easier

Our Core Values

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GOLD Core Values - Affordability


GOLD Core Values - Improvement


GOLD Core Values - Happiness


Our staff and customers are the most important part of our business. We strive to be creative to fully satisfy our Customers’ needs with applicable solutions that support their goals and contribute to their happiness. We endeavour to improve our processes in order to ensure that. As a result we are favoured with business that supports our company’s goals and the well-being of all who work with them and us.


We are so proud and excited to introduce you to our new systems “OurSmile” and “Learn How 2”. You’ll find some information about them here below, and if you want to know more, please follow the links to their own websites. We trust you’ll be excited too.

If you want to get in touch please Contact Us . We’re always happy to hear your comments and discuss your ideas or suggestions.

Thank you,

Luis and Garry
Directors and Co-founders
GOLD Software Solutions Ltd.


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A brief introduction to

“Your event story from 1000+ angles”

“Oursmile” is a unique photo slideshow system specifically created to add an extra fun element to parties, social events or business functions and make them more memorable.

In today’s competitive environment, event organisers and party agencies are constantly looking for innovative, fun features to differentiate their party packages.

Oursmile provides just that. Using Oursmile every guest with a smartphone can instantly upload their photos, selfies and messages to the event’s screens. It is an original, cost-effective alternative or addition to a photo booth or “magic mirror”.

Oursmile can be used at any venue that has screens and a computer connected to the internet.

• Provides a fun and interactive feature that engages with guests.
• Is safe. Only guests can access a slideshow using the designated “event code”.
• Offers a variety of themed slideshow frames to suit the occasion.
• Is very easy to set up. All you need is to get an “event code” from and run the slideshow on screens at the venue.
• Allows you to store and share photos. Amazing mementos for guests!
• Allows you to invite remote guests to join in through “Oursmile Connect”.
Oursmile is also aimed at the general public. Any residence or suitable space hosting a party, reunion, etc, that has a smart TV or a PC and screen, and an internet connection, can host an Oursmile slideshow easily. For more information please visit

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Learn How 2

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A brief introduction to

“Learn Anytime, Anywhere!”

“Learn How 2” is a modern and easy to use e-learning platform, ideally suited for today’s “off the shelf” or “bite-size” online courses market. Learners around the world can buy courses in a wide variety of subjects, as and when needed or desired, to learn or enhance their skills and knowledge and support their academic or professional goals.

The courses are created and published by private tutors, trainers, teachers, etc. LH2 allows you to build courses and publish them easily using our "Course Builder" facility. You can add video lessons, audio files, a variety of document types, images and multiple-choice quizzes.

Publishing courses on LH2 is free of charge. Courses can be offered for free or for a price as determined by their authors.

Courses are available around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The platform allows you to find and acquire courses easily, track your progress, make and store notes, store your favourite courses, access a variety of learning and help resources, contact the tutors for extra support through our secure messaging system, participate in blogs to share experiences and obtain Certificates for courses successfully completed which can add a lot of value to your CV.

All courses are quality checked before publication to ensure that they adhere to our terms of use.

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